In this tutorial, we try to take a step-by-step review of our selection of customers from paying for goods:

First, according to the categories available on the site, we will look at the category we want to buy. For example, we are going to buy a product of masculine sandals, first of all, from the category menu - sandals and slippers, then men's sandals We choose
In this step, with the options available on the right side of the page, as soon as possible, we can find the product of your choice either in terms of price or brand name and ...
Now we see all men's sandals are displayed, we now add the weave to the basket.
By going through the above step, go to the top of the page and click on the checkmark in the left side and click on the checkbox after checking the cart.
Now we have reached the final page, completing steps 1 to 6 in accordance with the information requested
With the above steps and the final confirmation we will be transferred to the bank page. Now with the 16-digit number of the bank card and the second password and the code of the cvv2 and the card transfer history, we can complete the payment.
After completing the payment process, you will be presented with the payment process, now let us safely continue to work and wait for the receipt of goods at your address.