Terms and Conditions of Shoe Shop Inspiration Dear Users and Visitors Please note that any purchase and use of the Inspirational Shoe Store service is subject to the laws and regulations of the store. It should be noted that these rules are also considered by the customer at the final purchasing stage. And will be accepted.

General rules

All the principles and rules of purchase and goods presented in the Shoe Shoe Inspiration are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of e-commerce and consumer protection laws, and subsequently users will comply with the rules of use, the presence and use of our services by users. Confirm acceptance of the laws and review and follow up any changes in their rules.


All addresses, emails, contact numbers, and all user-defined communication features in membership forms, purchases, etc. from the store are considered as inspirational, and any defects in them are fully owned by the user and It will be rugged, so be careful when completing all the details of perfection.

-State, send orders

It is possible to order and purchase products throughout the week, including holidays and non-holidays, but all orders will be posted on the first working day, explaining that the working day means Saturday to Thursday each week, excluding public holidays. Iran is

In the inspirational store, everyone is trying to get the most accurate and fast in the preparation and sending of orders. Also, the availability of each product will endeavor to be extremely careful, but sometimes due to traffic and purchases, customers will be cherished by the possibility of a non-existence of a product after the order is registered. In this case, the right to cancel the order and refund to the customer is inspirational for the shoe store, although the cherished customers can, if they wish, replace their product with another one. If you do not want the order amount between 12 and 24 Hours will be refunded to customer accounts.

In the registration and placement of product images, all efforts are made to ensure that the image of the goods (color, packaging, appearance, etc.) is exactly the same as the goods, but sometimes due to changes in the production of the product by the manufacturer and other factors The unpredictable nature of the customer's supply of goods in terms of shape and form or color matching of 100% is not possible, in which case the customer can cancel the order by returning the product to the store address and the amount of the order after arrival of the goods to the store and in Failure to do so will return to the account number within 8 hours.

Important Note 1: The customer is obliged to contact the inspiration store's shop before sending the item, or through the contact form on the website, he has done the necessary coordination. Obviously, otherwise the store will not be liable for any damage. Again, it will not send any goods or money.

Important Note 2: In case of non-matching the item with the image on the site or canceling and regretting the purchase, it is possible to return the goods back to the previous coordination, but the cost of returning the goods to the store will be the customer and the store will not be liable It will not hurt. The customer will be returned to the customer only and in the event of an error in the delivery of the wrong item (a completely different product or a different model number with a registered order) to the customer and his declaration to the store.

Important Note 3: In order to return a payment to a customer account, a 16-digit number of his card must be registered with the registered name on the booking order and within 8 hours after the announcement, the amount of the order minus the card's fee will be deposited into the bank account.

In the event of a possible pricing error and ... Inspirational shop has the right to cancel the order made by the customer and the amount of the order will be returned to the customer's account without any delay. Certainly, the customers will accept this item in each purchase. There is no right to object to this clause.

No submissions will be made to public places such as the park, etc.


Due to the sending of all items to the legal and standard shipping companies, it is evident that any delay or damage to shipping after delivery to the postal companies will be postage companies, but if there is a formal mailing list of companies and also sending a defective product Within 24 hours after the delivery of the goods, the store will inspect the cost of the order for the customer account.

The virtues of God

In the event of any incident, Shoe Shine Inspire does not take any responsibility.